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== Steps == now to restore Grub

1. Copy menu.lst which is / System Files / grub now 2. Start computer with live-cd now 3. Copy copy menu.lst in / System Files / grub now 4. Restart computer.


To restore Grub after installing Windows on a partition now

Put on

  • Live-CD
  • Menu System-> Administration-> Gnome partition editor (*)
  • We execute a terminal and the commands:


 $ sudo grub 
 $ root (hd0, 1) 
 $ setup (hd0)
 $ quit 

Nota clasica.png In step root (hd0, 1), corresponding to the first disco duro hd0 (sda), if our outside sdb or sdc disco pondríamos HD1 or HD2 1, respectively corresponding to the end that in reality sda2 ya empieza grub 0 and not afraid to tell by the hare as the first to gparted. Elegimos (hd0, 1) Because We have installed is the partition where the directory "/" in our system.

Nota clasica.png If not us shows up System-> Administration-> Gnome partition editor, a terminal and abrimos instalamos GParted (sue aptitude install gparted) and ya aparecerá us the menu. "


Another valid explication

  • Open the terminal and write it follows:
sudo grub-mkconfig 
 sudo grub-install /dev/sda (sda is normally or sada1, etc.) 
 sudo update-grub 
  • Restart your computer.