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[[Template:{{{1}}}|+/-]]Other languages:


Simply place the template in the wiki text at the very top of the page to bring in the language links. Put it at the very top, although under any menu bar templates, if you are using these.

{{LanguageLinks | Language-Map_Features| [[Map Features|English]] & nbsp;& bull;& nbsp; [[Bg:Map Features|Български]] }}

will be

+/-Other languages:
English  •  Български

You can also use Template:LanguageLink and Template:LanguageLinkEn in 2nd parameter.

{{LanguageLinks | Language-Map_Features|{{LanguageLinkEn|Map Features}} {{LanguageLink|bg|Map Features}} {{LanguageLink|ro-md|Map Features|Română (Moldova)}} }}

will be

+/-Other languages:
valenciàбългарскиRomână (Moldova)

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Template:Languages automatically detects other language versions and makes links to them. However it uses processing time for about 1 seconds. If the page is not so changed (ex. Main Page) and not needed to be translated to all languages (ex. WikiProject France), using a static template calling this template (ex. Template:Language-mp) is better.